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Technology driven Social, Mobility, Augmented Reality and Internet of Things (SMART). The true potential of IoT lies with the design of application and connectivity. COSYN's deep understanding of IoT functionalities allows you to connect with anything, virtually.

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Our Services

Our Services

At COSYN, we offer end-to-end expertise in IoT

From IoT platform design & development to data ingestion, and from storage & processing to building cutting edge applications that bring IoT insights and intelligence to enterprises, we provide superfluity in every offering.

Connected Platform

Build a secure, scalable and flexible IoT network to deploy and manage connected protocols, systems and data-driven applications.

Intelligent IoT Systems

Build an intelligent IoT ecosystem that acts on IoT data streams and analytics outcomes, for exceptionally intelligent operations and interactions.

IoT Stream Processing

Design and implement parallel real-time processing and analytics for IoT data streams, augmenting in decision making.


Drive intelligent automation by processing and leveraging large IoT data with the help of advanced analytics.

Work Flow

How do we do IoT?

We bring industry and domain expertise across a wide range of IoT driven solutions and
applications. We implement a set of work-flow that results in 'QUALITY'.


Understanding strategic needs and expectations.


Defining the right solution, IoT asset management plan and creating a roadmap.


Enabling devices to sense, learn and communicate over secured channels.


Consolidating building blocks and big data platforms for better service.