Every now and then multiple documents are being produced electronically. This eventually leads to a lot of chaos when each individual in the organization saves such documents to the desktop. Finding the location of a particular document gets all the more difficult, thus a time consuming task. To eradicate such issues related to properly managing important documents, organizations require a Digitized, integrated Document Management System with advanced search functionality.   

Cosyn’s Document Management helps you with easy content management with capabilities like capturing of data, data migration, de-duplication of data, Archival and Data Mining. Our DMS has been designed keeping in mind our client’s every business needs and helps you with document imaging, workflow systems and records management systems.

Document design

At the heart of efficient data capture is an efficient form design. This encompasses factors like usability, readability, error-reduction, spacing of data and ease-of parsing. The document design often defines the success or failure of data capture within scheduled time frames.

We ensure success in every document design in which forms are multi-lingual and are designed for an identified set of people. Our offerings are inclusive of creative design services, for catalogues with graphic design being a part of it.

The capability

Cosyn has a long track record of designing the most efficient forms for multiple projects of national repute. The design of the forms is always one of the contributing factors for the success of the projects.

Document digitization

Digitization is not only about going paperless, but focus on transformation of information. Information that is available in different formats is converted into a structured format. This information is made available intelligently in a format that brings business benefits to the organization and at the same time improvises processes between departments.

We have the required capability for conversion services that will create digital images from your paper documents and then provide the means to access those documents on virtually any computer system. Your paper records – anything from small notes to large drawings to bound books – can be converted and then indexed so that you have fast access to all your documents. We have been serving a variety of  industries with our digitization services, enabling them to extract and convert any type of data in any format.

We can undertake the following activities for our clients

Full text Optical Character Recognition / Intelligent Character Recognition

You need not spend hours together to rewrite text or find out mistakes in the text because our full text optical character recognition will let you easily convert all the required materials into digital format within least time.

Data conversion

How about availability of structured data, which at the same time is completely digitized and presented in the most effective manner? With us you can effortlessly convert, store and use data for better decision making.

Confidential Data Processing

Data forms the most crucial asset of any organization; it is thus essential to keep it protected yet useful. Cosyn, across its assignments for over two decades has always maintained the confidentiality of client’s data while processing it. What we do here is we encrypt data in order to protect it. We do it by first consulting clients to bring out their security requirements. This is then followed by taking control of our client’s access to data and other information along with network access controls and authentication of passwords, disk encryption etc.

Our confidential data processing is also restricted to any specific employee so as to ensure that data is processed in a way that it was exactly received. Besides, Cosyn is a preferred provider of examination results processing services, and recruitment processing for reputed Universities, and Recruitment Agencies.

Some of the work that we take up

  • Pre-examination processes including Automated Application data capture
  • Scanning of application forms and photographs
  • Randomization, Hall Ticket generation and Printing Services
  • Post Examination data processing in utmost confidential manner
  • Results Processing

Scanning and imaging

The power of scanning and the opportunity for placement of scanning technology into a customer’s environment is endless. With advances in scanner technology, archiving, and retrieval software, our electronic scanning and imaging make it possible to virtually eliminate the mountains of paper generated and repeatedly handled in today’s business processes. This may include newspapers, magazines, government files, books or any such records which are converted into electronic format.

The offering

Cosyn’s goal is to offer systems and software in conjunction to enable your business to take advantage of this revolutionary, yet easy-to-use technology. This allows for rapid integration of hard copy documents into a system where they can be accessed on demand. This not only eliminates the need to copy these documents and forward them internally, but it makes for easy retrieval if the document is ever needed in future.

Data Capture

Capturing data is not that easy as much as we think of it to be. It is indeed a huge task to capture the right data at the right time. Earlier when data was being captured by human operators by using various techniques like Single/Double data entry, a need for automation arose. This is when specialized software and hardware was used for converting data into digital format. At Cosyn, we capture relevant data electronically with robust dedicated software that help organizations of any size to streamline business processes and reduce costs.

Data capturing solutions

Leverage from Cosyn’s Data capturing solutions designed to transform loads of multi – structured, complex documents into business-ready data. Our award winning recognition helps companies with complete automation of document classification and tailored architecture making data capturing and processing of data much easier.

ICR / OCR / OMR Services

Cosyn provides customized high quality ICR/ OCR/ OMR technology solutions that help speed up businesses processes by transforming data received from paper documents, forms etc into accurate information that can be retrieved whenever required and is also delivered into your business applications and data bases. The Intelligent character recognition allows fonts and different styles of handwriting to be learned by a computer during processing to improve accuracy and recognition levels.

Our ICR software has a self-learning system referred to as a neural network, which automatically updates the recognition database for new handwriting patterns. It extends the usefulness of scanning devices for the purpose of document processing, from printed character recognition to hand-written matter recognition.

The efficiency

With years of experience into the data entry and data capturing services, we offer the highest level of efficiency and cost savings to deliver data into a digital format as per our client’s specifications. We make sure that scanning, proofing and styling, all of these are delivered to you in an electronic format and can be further used by you – edited and updated as per your needs.

Cosyn is the pioneer in OCR/OMR/ICR in India and has been using innovative ways of using these technologies for rapid data extraction and collation since many years.

Document Archival

Organizations usually keep archives, either physical or digital. The need of wanting to save older data which is important and necessary for future reference as well as data that must be retained for regulatory compliance requires a data archive. With Cosyn’s Document Management software, you can manage your important files and documents in data archives that are indexed and have search capabilities so that files and parts of files can be easily located and retrieved.

The assurance

Our team here ensures that all your important documents are safe, secure and efficiently managed. Many a times we confuse ourselves between data archives and data backup’s. Well, data back up’s are used to restore data in case it is corrupted or destroyed. In contrast, data archives protect older information that is not needed for everyday operations but may occasionally need to be accessed.

There is no guarantee that paper documents will survive. Hence, it is high time to digitize every process before improper handling destroys all documents.

Data De-duplication

In computing, data de-duplication is a specialized data compression technique for eliminating coarse-grained redundant data, typically to improve storage utilization. During this process it so happens that duplicate data is deleted, leaving only one copy of the data to be stored, along with references to the unique copy of data. De-duplication will help you reduce the required storage capacity since only the unique data is stored.

The significance

Cosyn’s document management services team provides De-duplication to further provide organizations with significant energy, space, cooling and costs savings, by reducing the amount of data stored. It contributes significantly in the process of Data Center Transformation through reducing carbon footprints due to savings on storage space and reduces the recurring cost of human resource to management and administration. This process also reduces the recycling of the hardware and the budget for data management, backup and retrieval by lowering fixed and recurring cost.

Manpower Augmentation

Over the recent past Manpower Augmentation has gained much popularity mostly across technology companies. Besides, technology change and increasing complexities in businesses carry huge challenges. To reduce many such complexities, companies are finding Manpower Augmentation as one of the preferred practice across many industries. Since this will reduce attrition rates as well as lower investments.

The ability

We are a partner of choice for all our clients who willingly adopt IT outsourcing as a proactive strategy.  Cosyn has the capability to rapidly ramp-up and provide quality manpower for various projects in the utility domain for various activities. Projects at different locations would require different numbers of manpower at different times. The activities will include among others, data collators, Data capture experts, Technical Staff and Software experts. This would also entail any certifications if required.