DotUtility is the Cloud based service application for delivering Meter to Cash (M2C) and Total Revenue Management (TRM) services for Power, Gas, Water and other Utility companies or Utility contractors. It also has an Android based interface for Utility meter data collection and view. The Android application is GPS Location enabled and uses any data network – 2G, EDGE, 3G or 4G to communicate with the Data Server in real time.

It is a Web Browser online application which is made available on a 24/7 – Anywhere – Anytime basis for carrying out operations and viewing the progress of the project on a continuous basis. It is a secure and customizable application with multi-role, multi-user login interface for Utility Data Input, Processing and Reporting. The Utility Business logic can be easily ported to any Distribution company requirements. It provides a wide range of reporting formats which are also customizable. It is currently in use to serve over 36 Million Electricity supply consumers every year in India.

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